Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I purchase images?

Answer: Click on any shopping cart symbol and you will be taken to a page with prices where you can choose what kind of photo you want and add  it to your shopping cart.

2. Can I get my images at the price I saw at the show on a thumb drive?

Answer: No. The rate is different online. If you are ordering digitals, it is a download.

3. When will you post my show? 

Answer: All shows that are posted are uploaded over one to two weeks. Some shows don't get posted online. If you need to know if your images will be online later, stop by the booth at the show and ask. We will be glad to tell you if it's going to be posted or not. 

4. I expect a free download when I order a print. 

Answer: I'm sorry I do not provide free downloads with prints. 

5. My show expired! What can I do? 

Answer:  All shows are online for a month minimum. As a courtesy to late shoppers, we have a new service where you may purchase a private view of a show for 24 hours to shop photos after the show has expired. Enjoy!

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